What Does It Mean When An Owl Follows You?


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Owls belong to the order of birds of prey and like to live in solitude.There are many myths associated with Owls and their impact on human lives. But I believe these are all superstitions. People from different cultures associate it with different things. E.g.Native Americans consider it as a carrier of elder's spirit.In Asia, they are associated with wisdom and prosperity, whereas different parts of Europe attribute it to various features like Bad omen, curse, death, and even wisdom. So its totally up to you whether you want to think of it as a simple coincidence or as a bad omen, or as a harbinger of wealth and prosperity. Its about your own personal outlook.
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I've been seeing the numbers 333 for quite sometime.  My dad died at 3:33pm and, his clock stopped at 3:33 pm  I just recently started seeing a owl at night and, also during the day for about a week now.  Can you tell me if theses to happenings are related to each other and, what does this mean?
I have written a  book called The signs that God speaks and, the mysteries of
the universe.  Explaining my experiences with  the paranormal and, things I'am capable of seeing.  How this has effected my life and, changed my life and, how I'am so much closer to god.  Can you help  me to understand to what this means.
Rose Wise
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Some people believe that when an owl chases you it means your cursed or something bad is going to happen to you.
This is what is assumed in Africa and Asia but some other parts of the world believe it means wisdom.

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