What Does It Mean When Owls Fly During The Day?


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You get a better idea of what one looks like as your vision is better suited to daytime viewing. If you are superstitious, I suppose you might get yourself all in a tither for fear it is a bad omen, but I can't think of anything unusual that might occur to someone who isn't superstitious. You could count yourself fortunate to have seen such an unusual sight, I suppose, that is if you like owls. I certainly would as they are one of my favorite birds. Birds don't carry rabies, so I wouldn't worry an owl acting diurnal was a sign it was rabid, the way I would if it were a bat, raccoon, skunk or fox.
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Depends on you. You can take pictures or movies and make impressions on youtube. Or you can just come over here and ask us about it :)
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I saw two white owl the other night. I was on the phone talking to my sister. They were so beautiful that I could not help staring at them. In an instant both the owls and I were locked up in a gaze. What does it mean?
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Forget which it was and I am sorry for this but if you see an owl during the day, it's either good or bad luck. Like I said, I forget which though. Sorry again.
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It doesn't mean anything, other than what it is, which is an owl that was flying during the day

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