My Uncle Would Be What To My Son?


7 Answers

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aileeny answered
Your uncle would simply be a great uncle to your son.
Kyoko Katayama Profile
Kyoko Katayama answered
He would be a great uncle to your son.
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Aisha answered
By your uncle, you must mean your father's or mother's brother. In some societies one's father's or mother's brothers are considered as grandparents to ones kids. In that way your children can call your uncle as Grandpa or Grandfather. They can also call him Uncle by their relation to him.
Claire Gibson Profile
Claire Gibson answered

The kids of your uncle are not your childs second cousins.... They are your childs first cousins once removed as they share both grandparents and are removed by one generation

Ajay Paunikar Profile
Ajay Paunikar answered
He would be a grand father to your son.

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