What Is LPFO (Low Pour Fuel Oil)?


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LPFO (Low Pour Fuel Oil) is a petroleum based product most popularly known as "black" or "crude" oil. It is most commonly used in vehicles and is a cheaper alternative to vacuum gas or engine oil.  An LPFO can be harmful and can contaminate or soil the environment if not used correctly in a vehicle.

Fuel oil can be residual and is generally burned into a surface or boiler for the generation of heat for a vehicle's engine.  LPFO's are obtained by the conversion of the waxy pour residual by a deep fractioning.

LPFO's are extremely popular in countries such as Nigeria which have various outlets for the purchasing of this type of oil.  The main reason for this is due to the fact that LPFO is a petroleum product which aids in  the distillation of crude oil. 

LPFO is dark in colour and often presents as a black or dark brown colour.

This lucrative oil has proved to be worth investing in, especially in the African continent and many people are deciding to consider the uses of LPFO in various industry sectors.

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