What Are The Symbols In Baptism?


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Baptism by water is required, since Jesus did it, but it means to wash your sins away and to bury (hence submerged underneath water fully), to bury the old man (the evil self) and being made into a new creation. Why does this happen? Jesus also baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and by fire. So, after your water baptism and if you ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit (which is very helpful), he will give you the Holy Spirit, but if you have the Holy Spirit, you must prepare yourself to do what is right and to not grieve the Spirit. Or, you might lose it and be damned forever (also, don't blasphemy it). The way to inherit the Kingdom of God is to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is your inheritance (read the book of Ephesians chapter 1 & 2).
People see baptism as a sign as membership to their church (which is completely false), but baptism is not something to do, but something that needs to be done, for there is only One (true) baptism. The above reasons is the true baptism.
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Holy water ,holy oil,white garment, candles

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