What Are The Properties Of Iso Quant Curve?


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1. Convex to the origin.
2. Slopes downward to the right.
3. Never parallel to the x-axis or y-axis.
4. Never horizontal to the x-axis or y-axis.
5. No 2 curves intersect each other.
6. Each iso quant is a part of an oval.
7. It cannot have a positive slope.
8. It cannot be upward sloping.
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The different combination of inputs including capital and labor which produces the same level of output in each combination is known as Isoquant. Following are the properties of Isoquant:

Firstly, Isoquant is negatively sloped because for producing the same level of output from more than one inputs requires value of one input to decrease.

Secondly, it is convex to the origin because MRTS is not constant and in the combination of inputs, one input diminishes.

Thirdly, the level of output would be higher, when the isoquant would be at more distance from the origin therefore, Q3 > Q2 > Q1.

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