What Are Some Cute Spanish Quotes?


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There are so many cute Spanish phrases and quotes you could learn that it's hard to know where to start.

Te amo (I love you) and te quiero (I care for you) are probably the most commonly-quoted Spanish phrases, although there are many others you may be interested in, too.

Cute Spanish quotes

Spanish is wonderful, and I love the way it flows off the tongue. The liveliness of the language can make even the most mundane phrases seem interesting.

For example, no me molesta is actually Spanish for 'I'm not fussed' or 'I don't mind', even though the word molesta sounds like the very unpleasant English word, 'molest'.

When I think about Spanish quotes, the first thing that jumps to mind are the thoughts of Spanish artists like Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dalí.

Picasso said: El mundo de hoy no tiene sentido, así que ¿por qué debería pintar cuadros que lo tuvieran? This means something like, 'The world today doesn't make any sense, so why should I paint paintings that do?'

Dali is said to have been responsible for saying: Lo importante es que hablen de ti, aunque sea bien - which means, 'The important thing is that people talk about you, even if they speak well'.
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Bendicion mama.

Si, los latinos son los mejores en el dormitorio!
Si hay solucion,porque preocuparte? Si no hay solucion... Porque preocuparte.

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