What's The Spanish Word For A Cute Baby Boy?


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There does not seem to be a single word for "cute baby boy" in the Spanish language; however, there is a phrase, "que bello el bebe", and this is a way of saying that a baby is very cute. This phrase is the perfect Spanish sentence to say when meeting a newborn for the first time, and it can also be written in a card you give to the new parents. If you're just learning Spanish, you may be able to find other ways of saying "cute boy" or "cute baby boy" by taking lessons from a Spanish-speaking teacher, or learning from online tutorials.

On the Internet, there are some websites that offer free translations from one language to another. One popular translation site is known as Babelfish.

Whenever you need to find a translation of a phrase, from English to Spanish, you can use Babelfish (or another, similar site) to do it; simply type in the phrase in your native language, and then select the language you want a translation into (in this case, Spanish) from a drop-down menu. This type of website is one way to get the results you need; however, the service is automated, so it may not deliver perfect results every time you use it. Languages are complex, and they often have intricate rules, as well as different dialects and slang. The best way to ensure a proper translation of a phrase (from Spanish to English) is by asking a person who is fluent in both languages to translate if for you.

Learning Spanish can be fun; if you're planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, learning useful phrases and greetings can make your trip more enjoyable. If you've never studied a second language before, consider taking a class at your local community college.

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