What Are The Signs Of A Broken Heart?


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Every person is different. Unique in thier ways of dealing with all different types of situations. Love, or loss of love is no exception. Here are some symptoms I can tell you that many people experience when they lose the person they love the most in the world.

Extreme Sadness- The loss of love can often times be as painful and traumatic as the death of a loved one. Sometimes it can be worse. When we lose people we love, to death, we can atleast celebrate thier lives and sometimes be happy that thier pain is over. When our heart is broken we are left with unanswered questions.

The World is Ugly- When hearts are broken, many people feel the need to fill the empty void that is left in loves place. To do this, we often try to find a "rebound", a person to make us forget about the one that got away. If your heart is truly broken, just the thought of a rebound can be enough to make you vomit. Your lover was the best person in the world for you and the thought of someone coming in and trying to do better is sickening. You will look around for mr. Or ms. Right but the most attractive people in the world will seem more ugly then ever.

Lack of Sleep, waking up- Your sleeping patterns will change. You will find it impossible to sleep sometimes and other times you will find it impossible to stay awake. Perhaps the most painful symptom of a broken heart is waking up from a nights sleep (if you managed one) or a nap. You may dream that you and your lost love are still together or that the pain you have been going through recently was just the dream itself. When you wake to reality and are fully aware that they are really gone, tears will flood and sometimes will not stop for days. The quality of your sleep will not be very great. It is said that when you are able to interpret your dreams more easily, you're closer to waking up and the better your sleep the harder to interpret. When dealing with extreme heartbreak your dreams will seem more vivid and real then ever, making life allot harder and negatively affecting your sleep.

Depression- I was reluctant to write this as a sign because all of the above symptoms play into depression. Sunny days will seem cloudy and colorless and cloudy days will seem like life is not worth living anymore. You may start skipping work or school, neglecting your friends, eating less, maybe even end up sleeping in your living room with nothing but a box of donuts and a litre of cola at your side. Long story short, you hit absolutely rock bottom.

How To Cope- Give it time. Depending on how many people you trust to help you deal with your loss, you will most likely hear a dozen of them tell you time heals all. You may never be fully healed of your heartbreak but at very very least, you will learn how to live with it. You may even learn how to give other people who want a shot in your life a chance without rash or unfair comparisons to the one that tore you apart.

I hope this helped
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I think a broken heart is
1-Not being able to think of anybody else but that person
2-Neglecting people that care
3-Wanting to be alone
4-Feeling stressed
5-Eating more or less
7-Sleeping patterns are interupted
Everybody is diffrent but this is some of the pain I'm feeling at the mintue

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