What Is Enormous?


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The word enormous is a fabulous word - some of its synonyms are above.

It’s a word that’s used to describe something so big - well - we just find it hard to imagine.

One of my favourite stories to read my children was the Enormous Turnip.

This is a story about a grandfather who goes out to pull up an Enormous Turnip and can’t do it. He has to enlist the help of the grandmother, then the granddaughter,  then the dog, then the cat, then the mouse...... and finally the Enormous Turnip is pulled out at last - and everyone falls over!

It’s a traditional story, from Russia I believe, and it’s been interpreted over and over because it’s such a fun tale to read and children just love to hear it. Of course you have to make a big play on the word Enorrrrrmous...and roll it out.

It wouldn’t be half so much fun if it was called the Very Big Turnip or the Massive Turnip - do you think?

Road Dahl wrote another very popular story called the Enormous Crocodile about a crocodile who likes to eat little boys and girls.

The other animals are fed up with this fiend and get together to teach him a lesson he won’t forget! Here is a little clip of the audiobook - the man who's reading it has a GREAT crocodile voice!                                 

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