What Does Arraignment Canceled, Case Resulted Pro-grammatically Mean?


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Arraignment canceled, case resulted programmatically means that the arraignment that would normally take place before a court case has been called off following standard procedure. The canceling an arraignment is up to the discretion of the Criminal Division Staff and the court judge presiding over the case.

  • The preliminary stages before a court hearing

Before a court case can even take place, there is an arraignment that the defendant and his legal representatives are expected to attend. During this time, there is a formal reading and presentation of the criminal charges that a defendant will face in their later trial.

Once the defendant has been made fully aware of their charges, they are then required to formally put forward their plea in response to these charges. The standard pleas that are accepted during this time are guilty or not guilty.

However - in certain circumstances the Criminal Division Staff will accept other responses known as peremptory pleas. These would be valid in the event of the defendants looking to give reasons as to why the future trial cannot take place. These pleas are nolo contendere and alford plea.

  • What the authorities will do in advance

The Criminal Division Staff and presiding judge may then briefly overview the various factors involved in the case as well as hear any requests for bail. This varies depending on the particular case being heard at arraignment.

But in the event that the given circumstances may not require or involve an arraignment, this is when the arraignment is canceled programmatically. In other words, the arraignment has been canceled as the remainder of the event must follow the predetermined and specified procedure relevant to the case.

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