What Is Success?


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There is no universally accepted definition of success. Dictionaries would describe success as the achievement of certain goals that are set by yourself or someone else. Success to most people however would mean the fulfilling of the potential of a particular individual.

There are critics of the achievement theory of success who argue that the benchmark set may not be challenging enough so achievement will be rendered hollow. There are others who will measure success in quantifiable terms. If the individual has been able to make X amount of money then he can be a certified success. Another parameter could be an individual's contribution to society. Many business people and sports persons have said that peer acknowledgement is an indication of success. It is your peers who will best understand the trials and tribulations that you have undergone to reach where you have reached. The more spiritually minded reckon that success is nothing but a state of mind.
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Sure, this is true! Success involves using creativity of the mind to hit a goal

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