What Do Carabao Used To Get Their Food?


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Carabaos, which are a type of water buffalo domestic to Southeast Asia, feed off grass and other similar kinds of vegetation. These foods are found on the natural lands of their habitats. In the wild, carabaos can be found on grassy lands near water expanses such as lakes and wide rivers. In locations such as the Philippines and Malaysia, the carabao is commonly domesticated and used on a farm. It is often the animal of choice to pull a cart or wagon to a market, or pull a plow in a farmer's field. The carabao can also be kept for its milk, and may eventually be slaughtered for meat produce.
  • The Philippine Carabao Center
The Philippine Carabao Center, located in the Philippines, is a research center that aims to investigate the carabao mammal. Primarily, scientists there work to create more efficient methods of managing the carabao, due to its many uses. The mammal can provide labor and milk, and be raised and slaughtered for its hide and meat. The research center has produced the first ever 'test tube' carabao, which was genetically produced in a laboratory in 2004; the female created was named Glory. The center aims to look at breeding methods, which could be used to produce particularly large carabaos that have the ability to provide large quantities of milk on a daily basis.
  • Agriculture in Southeast Asia
Southeastern countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines could be said to be '30 years behind' when it comes to agriculture. Their methods of farming are yet unrefined, although many improvements are being made due to international help and intervention. Many families in such locations rely on good farming methods in order to generate a basic income.

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