What Does Every Letter/number Means On A Vin#?


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1st 3 are manufacture 4 threw 8 are vehicle attributes 8 is eng code 9 check digit 10 is year 11 is paint code 12 - 14 manufacturers id and a sequential number. Ok if that is not what you wanted try google or Wikipedia.org    
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Many who choose the used car and all risk that they will be deceived or given a broken machine. So the service Vinchain will help, or rather will provide a full report about the car starting with the run. Also vin lookup will be able to find any car. The report will show everything: Mileage, hidden damage, fines, theft and so on.

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It depends what brand of car it is. I am familiar with Chevy vin number sequences. They relate to the engine/trim package, build date and location etc. You can find information online by typing the maker and vin decode or something along those lines.
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They mean what year it was made, what number in the series it is, what size it is, and what vehicle it was in.

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