What Is Universalism?


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The term Universalism, if losely defined, would be used to refers to any concept or doctrine that generally applies to all persons, humans and/or all things for all times, circumstances and in all situations.

Several of the world religions professes Universalism in one way or another. Some of these concepts are explained below:
In Ananda Marga:
In the philosophy of Ananda Marga, the term Universalism is used to refer to the idea that all energy and all matter has evolved from cosmic consciousness. Therefore, all created beings are part of one and the same universal family. This philosophy is an expansion of the doctrine of humanism to include everything and all creatures as family, instead of all humans. This theory is based on the fundamental truth which states that the universe has evolved as a thought projection from the Almight or the Supreme.

In Christianity:
In the Christian Religion the term Universalism is used to refer to the belief which states that all human beings will be saved through Jesus Christ and his crucifixation from eternal annihilation or damnation in the hell. Another related doctrine, know as the apokatastasis, is the belief that states that all mortal beings, including humans and animals will be reconciled to God. All mortal beings in docrtine also include Satan and his other fallen angels
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Calvinism, arminianism, or christian biblical universalism

which view of salvation is true?

Two good expositions specifically answering that question!
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absolute assurance in jesus christ – charles slagle


the law of circularity – j.preston eby

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