What Is Meant By Halo Effect Summarize The Current Thinking On This Halo Effect?


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The halo effect in common perception is extremely similar to stereotyping. While in stereotyping the individual is perceived according to a solitary category under the halo effect, the individual is perceived on the origin of one attribute. Halo is often discussed in presentation assessment when a rater makes a mistake in judging a person's total traits and presentation on the origin of a solitary positive attribute such as intelligence, appearance, dependability, or cooperation's. Whatever the solitary attribute is, it may override all other personality in forming the perception of the individual. The halo effect difficulty has been give significant attention in research on presentation assessment.

The halo effect is summarized from the wide research journalism as follows. It is a general rater mistake. It has both true and illusory components. It has led to exaggerated correlations between rating extent and is due to the power pf a common estimation and exact judgments. It has negative penalty and should be avoided or detached. The halo effect has significant implications for the study and final understanding of organizational activities.

Unfortunately, still though the halo effect is one of the greatest known and most enveloping problems connected with applications such as presentation assessment in the field of organizational activities, a dangerous examination of the significant research concludes that we still do not know mush about the crash of the halo effect and attempts at solving the difficulty have not yet been extremely successful.

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