What Is Bureaucracy?


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Bureaucracy is the group of professional officers who performs rationalized functions in large scale organizations, especially government ones. Thus and organizations said to be bureaucratized when its procedures for action and decision have become formalized and impersonal through elaborate rules that are "public". The growth of modern government is thus been as intimately tied to the development of bureaucracy, and no modern state could operate without bureaucracy.

The popular antithesis between bureaucracy and democracy is an oratorical slogan that endangers the future of democracy for a constitutional system that cannot function effectively, that cannot act with dispatch and vigor, cannot alive. Fortunately, both the Swiss and the British have shown that an affective, responsible bureaucracy is quite compatible with second constitutionalism. Bureaucracy is not only a privileged oppressive group but a new exploiting class, a class characterized by a new type of oligarchic regime that is neither socialist nor capitalist and that is rapidly spreading both in East and West.
Soviet bureaucracy constituted a new ruling class that exploited the proletariat as much as the capitalists had in the past. It differed from capitalism only in that the new domination was based not an individual but on group ownership of the means of production.
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Bureaucracy, it is a word about which different views are present .in some prospects the meaning of bureaucracy creates slightly negative affect on the mind of the people. It refers as a slow moving organization which has an association with government and which serves the public. The word bureaucracy is often comes in term of insult as bureaucrats (the members of bureaucracy) and some time its figures out in the term of fun. That picture just resemble to caricature. As caricature do contains a grain of truth. It also shows great deal of reality. So in fact that image created for bureaucracy is wrong and it needs to correct.
In almost every country, government on it behalf tries to improve the people life standards which are totally depending on the government policies and administration or in other words bureaucrats.

The term bureaucracy is also used in the term of administration some writes, however its precise meaning depends on as it vary according to different approaches.
Bureaucracy is based upon rules and regulation which are accepted by the members of the organization and that bureaucracy is continue in operation as we can take the example that of one government is changed then the other government will takes its place but the bureaucracy still remain on that place.

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