What Is Meant By The Organization Culture? Can You Give Some Examples Of Its Charcteristcs?


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When people join an organization, they bring with them the values and beliefs they have been taught. Fairly frequently, however, these principles and attitude are deficient for serving the person do well in the organization. The person needs to study how the exacting project does equipment. Organizational society has a figure of vital individuality experiential behavioral regularities. While organizational participant act together with one more, they utilize ordinary words, terminology, and ritual connected to respect and manner.

Norms. Standards of behavior exist, including guidelines on how much work to do, which in many organizations come down to do not do too much, do not do too little. There are major values that the organization advocates and expects the participants to share. Classic example is tall product quality, low non-attendance and tall competence attitude. There are policies that set forth the organization's beliefs about how employees and or customers are to be treat.

There are strict guidelines related to getting along in the organization. New comers must learn those ropes in order to be accepted as full fledged members of the group. This is an overall feeling that is conveyed bay the physical layout the way participants interact, and the way members of the organization conduct themselves with customers or other outsiders.

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