Could You Give Me Some Examples Of Weaknesses?


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Give me 10 examples of weaknesses
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Do you mean business weaknesses as in SWOT? Or physical, mental, spiritual weaknesses.. Such as the weakness for Chocolate! LOL
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I have a weakness for chocolate, but I doubt that is what you mean. I tend to be too talkative, and need to learn to listen better, these might be the kind of weaknesses to which you refer.
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Hi pencil, you stole my answer LOL, I have a weakness for chocolate too! Dark chocolate is the best (or I guess the worst if we admit it's a weakness) Good answer, I had to give you 5 stars....:o)
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Well, it depends on what you mean:
Physical weakness could be weak muscles in your arms, legs or even your eye muscles. One can have weak vision, weak nails or weak hair. One could have weak self esteem or self control. One could have a weakness emotionally for homeless pets or children. Also, an example could be a weakness at a particular skill such as carpentry or a weakness in social skills such as communicating with others.
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Weakness can also mean being unable to say "NO" when asked to do something you really don't want to. Or any habit or fixation you may have and you are unable to resist doing it even if you know you shouldn't. It could be someone you love but can't have, fattening food, an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we may feel a weakness to deal with these things and can seek professional help to gain control over our reactions or behavior.
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Eating too much on a regular basis=no self control/ weakness
Staying home from work because you have the sniffles=mental weakness

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