What Does It Mean When A Gold Bracelet Is Marked Italy, 417?


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Bianca da Silva answered

When a bracelet is marked Italy, 417, it means two different things –

1. The “Italy” part of the wording refers to the country where the bracelet was manufactured.

2. 417 refers to the gold that makes up the bracelet, and in this case, it means that the bracelet is made up of 41.7% pure gold. Another way to think about it is on the karat scale. In this instance, the bracelet is a 10/24 karat.

These markings are important for anyone looking to verify the authenticity of a bracelet, but it does not mean the markings cannot be faked, so watch out for this.

Still, if the bracelet you have has these markings, you are one step closing to verifying that it is a quality item.

The value, on the other hand, is more difficult to determine and will likely require a professional evaluation.

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