What Is Begging?


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Explain and discuss how to eradicate begging in our society
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Begging is a profession and an industry in Pakistan as it is in some other countries developing and in poor countries. It is such an organized institution now that few of us can easily tell who is true deserving beggar and who is false one.The reasons for begging are as follows: First of all, quite a few people in our society avoid work and hard labor. They think and try to get money from other sources like fraud, cheating, falsehood and so on.

Secondly some people cannot get proper employment with suitable wages. To meet their expenses they start begging in one way or other.
Thirdly, well organized societies of beggars are in existence that get hold of helpless children like orphans, mosques and shrines and cut off parts of their bodies. Those associations divide city areas and important places like mosques and shops among themselves.

It is suggested that there should be an immediate halt to population growth first of all to stop this profession. Secondly government should set up heavy factories at as many places as possible. Thirdly, for invalid or physically deformed beggars there should be special schools where they can make towels, socks, curtains, carpets and earn their living honorably.
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Begging means please,I think
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Its the thing which brings to your mind,that someone is lacking something and he asks you to help him anyway without getting anything in return because the one who begs doesn't have anything to give you back.

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