What Do You Mean By The Old Order Changeth Yielding Place To New?


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The world of Nature and man is constantly passing through changes. Everywhere, whether in Nature or in the world of man and in everything human, the phenomenon of change is ever present, Change is thus the universal law of Nature. Nothing remains nor can remain in the same state for ever. Such is God's ruling. A particular system or state of things passes away and in its place comes in something new. This is the process going on in the universe slowly and imperceptibly and it is beyond the power of man to check this change.

If we observe the things in Nature and in this human world with a little care, the truth of this law will be perfectly clear to us. If we observe a river, we shall find that there is current in it and that the water is constantly changing. If this were not so, the water would be bad and unfit to be used. We also see that there is sunshine but this sunshine is never constant. It is followed by clouds. Clouds, again, are followed by rain and after the rain there is sunshine again. Similarly, we find spring followed by summer, summer by autumn and autumn by winter. It is the same case with things human.

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