Where Is The Best Place To Learn French In Singapore?


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There are a number of really good French schools in Singapore, so if you're interested in improving your 'Français' you'll be spoiled for choice!

Here's a couple of places I'd recommend you consider:

Where can I learn French in Singapore? Singapore is a rich and diverse part of the world, and benefits from a number of really prestigious language schools.

These include:

Frenchtoast.sg- Experienced French teachers (many of them native speakers) who offer a range of courses and tuition at different levels. They even offer an in-house translation service, so you know they must be good!

Alliancefrancaise.org.sg- Whether looking for some extra help with an impending exam, or if you want to pick up some vocabulary before you go on holiday, the 4 different levels these guys offer means they generally have something for everyone.

www.frenchstudio.sg- promotes itself as a 'language school with family values', which sounds great to me. There are 4 different programs of study to chose from, and 14 levels of proficiency.
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Frenchfaster French Language School in Singapore - www.frenchfaster.com - is an excellent choice for those who wish to learn French faster, smarter and cheaper.

Frenchfaster uses an accelerated learning approach based on Constructivism, Participative Learning and Learner-centered teaching to get students to learn French 3~4 times faster!

Private one-to-one classes available from S$20/hour.   

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The newest French language school in Singapore would be French Toast Language Center. They have been up and running for a few months now and are apparently doing great. You can check out their (superb) website for more info : Www.frenchtoast.sg


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