What Is Livermush?


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Known as poor man's pâté, livermush is well-known in the Southern United States. It is thought that the German settlers first introduced the dish. Livermush is traditionally made from pig liver, head parts, cornmeal, pepper and sage. The mixture is made into a loaf and fried. It is closely related to another Southern dish, scrapple, which is made from meat broth and cornmeal.

These days, livermush is available in a prepared loaf, which is sliced and fried, and often served with eggs and grits (a porridge made from cornmeal) for breakfast. It is also used for sandwiches.

Shelby, North Carolina, holds an annual Livermush Expo each year, which draws thousands! While it's undeniable that many find it unappealing, there are still legions who love it. Livermush clearly has benefits- it is high in vitamins and protein, low in fat, and inexpensive. As for its taste ~ well, that's a matter of taste!

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