What Is Cereal Cookery?


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Cereal cookery would be the art of creating other dishes by using certain cereals in order to create entirely new foods. The internet offers a great number of cereal cooking recipes that you can use to create a number of different foods and dishes.

  • A well-known creation
Perhaps one of the mostly commonly recognized creations with cereal would be the cereal cakes. These are usually created with Rice Krispies or other similar cereal and combined with chocolate, honey or other substance to create a small, cupcake shaped snack.

They are quite simple to make providing you have all the ingredients, you will need:

  • Butter
  • Syrup
  • Chocolate
  • Rice Krispies

Start out by melting the chocolate gradually using your microwave or by melting it in a bowl or saucepan on a bain marie. Then you should take the butter and divide it up into smaller sections. Place these sections into a bowl or pan and continuously stir them until they too have melted.

Once you have stirred your chocolate and butter together, you need to add the syrup. The syrup essentially acts as the clue to the entire cake; binding the Rice Krispie flakes together whilst creating an even sweeter taste. Now you will need to add the Rice Krispies into the mix and gently stir the entire concoction altogether.

  • What next?

Then you need to spoon small individual pieces of the mixture and place them into the paper cases. From here, all you need to do is leave the mixture to cool in the cases and wait for them to be ready to eat.

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