What Does Direct Entry Mean In The Field Of Computers?


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Direct Entry is a concept wherein the Direct-entry devices create data that can be read by a machine on materials like paper or magnetic media or it can be transferred to computer directly. This does not require any person to sit at the keyboard and type the information. This concept reduces the rate of human error considerably. Direct-entry devices make use of the following devices such as the voice-input and recognition devices, pointing devices, and scanning devices

Pointing devices include devices like mouse, which controls the pointer on the screen; joystick is mainly used for gaming purposes thereby using various functions such as speed and direction and so forth. Other pointing devices include the touch screen, digital video camera, etc.

Scanning devices include the fax machine, image scanner, bar-code readers, character and mark recognition markers, etc.

Voice-input devices make use of technology wherein the human voice is converted into digital information. The most commonly used voice-input device is microphone.

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