What Does "Divine Command Ethics" Mean In The Field Of Medical Ethics?


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The divine command theory is the name of a metaethical theory which states that moral values and standards are whatever is demanded by a god or gods. It is the second horn of what is now called as the Euthyphro dilemma.

This theory runs into many philosophical predicaments. One argument is that it entails that morality is subjective. If divine command theory has truth in it, morality is based simply on god's impulse. Therefore, if god had willed spite and deceitfulness to be merits, and compassion and donation to be vices, then they would have been such. The natural response to this argument is that god would not have demanded such things because he would not demand evil, but this reply entails a spherical explanation as it is only god's command that makes them evil.

In the field of medicine, it relates to the practice of mercy killing or euthanasia, as God does not command people to murder.
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Medical Ethics evaluates the merits, risks and the social concerns involved in the field of medicine. Medical ethics is related to healthcare and nursing ethics each sharing the principles of the other. The areas involved with Medical Ethics are: the physician acts in the best interest of the patients; the principle of "first, do no harm"; patients have a right to refuse or choose treatments; The distribution of health resources; who will recieve, which treatments; protect the dignity of the patient and be truthful with patients, providing the whole truth regarding the illness and treatment.

Divine Command Ethics is a metaethical theory related to moral values, which are what the god or gods command. This theory governs decisions related to right and wrong behavior. The original Hippocratic Oath is based on Divine Command Ethics and has been clarified by the universal adoption of the new Physicians' Charter of 2002.
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