What Is Dadaism?


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Dadaism is a cultural movement that originated in Switzerland during the First World War and peaked in the period 1916-1920. It was a movement using all art forms as weapons against prevailing standards in art. Dadaism was an expression against the degeneration in the society and war. The term Dada, indicated the loss of meaning in the existing culture.

Dadaism was founded by Hans Arp in Zurich. The activities of the movement consisted of demonstrations, public gatherings, publication of journals, and presentation of art forms. It is also termed as a protest against the existing barbarism of the World War.

Generally, Dadaism stood for the opposite of what the society in general stood for. Where art was considered to be aesthetic form of expression, Dadaism ignored aesthetics.

The existence of this movement was not stable. By 1925, this movement gave way to surrealism and later other movements took its place.
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It was an European cultural movement during World War I, founded by Hans Arp who was from Zurich. .He introduced the canons Art. This art dwelt on the small feelings of human nature. Everyone in these days view at this art from a fun point of view and entertainment rather than study it. Later on this art became a part of European culture.
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Is a european cultural movement during the first world war from 1916-1920.
It was only from 4-6 years.

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