What Is Spoofing ?


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SPOOFING: There are many kinds of spoofing techniques which are used by the people to hack the systems or to get the critical information by showing it as legitimate process.

Different type of spoofing:
(1) IP spoofing.
(2) Content spoofing.
(3) Caller ID spoofing.
(4) Email spoofing.
(5) Phishing.
It would be difficult to explain all of them but for a general idea I will explain the content spoofing.

CONTENT SPOOFING: In this spoofing method which is generally used by the hackers in order to hack the sensitive data and information the hacker uses a special type of method in which the content shown to the users are shown legitimate but actually the contents are fake and the user processes all the information.

With the help of DHTML(Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language) the hacker design dangerous content spoofing, they design forms, log-in applications. And when the user enters the sensitive data such as passwords, bank account numbers, credit cards etc the hackers easily get that information.

Some times what the hackers do to hack some good sites and change the contents and link it to an established website and when you access that site all of the users information can be hacked by them.
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If we say web spoofing than it would be more appropriate, well web spoofing all relate to the Internet hacking and as there are various kinds of Internet hacking and spoofing is one of them.
How web spoofing works? This can be an actual question to ask.
Well in short word web spoofing means making mirror or exact duplicate of any famous website that can deceive the users of that website. now to understand it in better way let take an example, for example if some one want to steal the yahoo or hotmail id's than they can make use of web spoofing and they would design similar site to these two famous websites that would have same look and feel. After making a similar site it would be shown to those for which you want to steal ids. If the user/victims is novice or not an expert user of Internet and he would logged into these website and you'd get theirs user name and password. Please note it that answering for this question is only to inform you about spoofing; it is not intended to motivate the some one to use it in bad way. So please avoid it
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Spoofing --->spoofing is a method of attacking computer program in which the program is modified so as appear to be working normally but in reality it has been modified with the purpose of circumvent security.
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Ip spoofing means changing the original ip address to duplicate ip address ...for eg:- if the original ip address is by some procedure we are changing to
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Spoofing is the technique of making TCP/IP packets by making use of the IP address of somebody else's computer. The "Source IP" is often ignored whereas routers often make use of the "destination IP" address so that it can forward the packets of TCP/IP via internet. That address is mainly utilized by the destination machine at the time when it replies back to the source.

Most people think "IP spoofing" is hiding the IP address of your computer while you are surfing on the internet, emailing, chatting, etc. However, it is nothing but misconception. If you are forging the source IP address you won't be able to make a proper network connection.

Following are the examples of spoofing, man-in-the-middle spoofing, routing redirect, source routing, blind spoofing, and flooding.

IP spoofing is a very necessary procedure for many network attacks that are not able to check responses.
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Does spoofing deal with hooking up with people?

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