What Does The Last Name Baptist Mean?


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The name "Baptist" means the one who baptises the other. This name was driven from ancient time and no doubt it relates to Christianity. It is believed that the origin of the name starts from Christ's era. It is driven from the name of "John the Baptist". John the Baptist was the one who baptised people in the name of god and he was the one who baptised Jesus. That is why "Baptist" refers to the person who baptises people.

It is assumed that the last name "Baptist" can also be used as first name, however, the meaning of the name remains the same. If the word "Baptist" is determined to be as a noun, then the meaning of it slightly changes. It then, refers as the disciple of Baptistic policy that is the one who believes in baptism. However, if the word is considered as "adjective," it refers to a person who has the characteristics of the Baptist church.

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