What Seven Letter Word Is Spelled With L, S, T, O, A, I, E?


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Steal stole site eat ate late lot lost lite salt isolate stale tile stile slate slot slit tie ta ti list
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          The seven-letter word that is spelled with the letters l, s, t, o, a, i, and e is easy to figure out. It is 'Isolate'. There are a number of words that you can form with a combination of more than one of these letters. You could form the word 'stole', for instance. You could also form words like 'stile', 'tile', 'stale', 'slate', 'steal', etc. As you can see, there are a number of three-lettered, four-lettered, and five-lettered words using the combination of letters given. However, there are no six-letter words you can form using a combination of the letters given, and there is only the one seven-letter word that you can form, as mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.              The word 'isolate' is used generally in verb form and means to keep a person or thing apart from other persons or things. To isolate means to keep in solitary confinement, i.e., in such a way that nothing or nobody else is in contact with the person being kept in 'isolation.'

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