What Is Rhetorical Theory?


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Rhetorical theory is a way in which persuasion can be used successfully. If you find that you are readying a speech or an article which is trying to persuade you of something, you can be sure that there is going to be much rhetorical theory within the piece without you even realizing it. It included different emotions, questions, facts and figures, moving language, hard hitting information and many other techniques which are going to make the audience think and understand where the writer or where the speaker is coming from.

The most common use of rhetorical theory is used within political speeches. Here you will find that the speaker is going to be used a certain tone of voice, is going to be asking the audience questions and then answering them and using emotional factors to ensure that they have the attention of the audience and that they are making them think.

You can be sure that you will have sat and watched a speech on TV and thought abut the questions that they speaker was saying. You are not expected to answer them but you are expecting to think abut them and then take the speakers point of view on the subject. Also used within articles which are written to persuade and many different adverts, you are going to find that there are examples of rhetorical theory.

It is more popular than ever and it is a technique which has been used to for many years to ensure that different arguments can be understood by the audiences. If you are trying to write something that includes the study of rhetorical theory you will find that it is going to be a lot easier than you first thought and that you are not going to have as much difficulties as you imagined, it is a natural persuasion that we use, but heightened for maximum effect.
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There is a type of the communication theory which is called rhetorical theory. This provides more dimensions for the communication process to make it clear and understandable. The writer of this theory says that communication process is not a single process or it is not a linear process. It is not like just to send message and receive it but it is a continuous circular process. The whole communication process is dynamic according to the rhetorical theory. The rhetorical theory adds more things to the communication process. Many people in the business do not take care of accuracy of the message which is very important aspect of communication.

There is a complete process in business communication which starts from the sender when the sender sends the message through some channel and this message is received by the receiver and then the receiver interpret it and send it back to the sender. This way the communication is carried. So this is the importance of business communication according to the rhetorical theory it clearly says that it is a circular process which make the communication process clear to the both parties. So this is the good way to achieve the desired results of business communications.
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Rhetorical theory is a type of the communication theory. This theory is known to provide more dimensions in the process of communication and make it more clear and understandable.

In a rhetorical theory it is been said that the communication process is not a single or a linear process. It involve a circular flow if message. The whole communication process is much more than a five step process according to rhetorical theory. It adds more things in a communication process.

Aristotle was the first who addressed the problem of communication and attempted to work out a theory that is known as “Rhetorical theory”. In which emphasis is placed on both parties clearly understanding the message in the communication after the circular communication process.
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Rhetorical theory is based on the available means of persuasion. That is, a speaker who is
interested in persuading his or her audience should consider three rhetorical proofs:
Logical, emotional, and ethical. Audiences are key to effective persuasion as well.
Rhetorical syllogism, requiring audiences to supply missing pieces of a speech, are also
used in persuasion
. Why is it more important than two other theories of communication?
Third set of theorists add more dimensions to our understanding of the communication process:
Communication is not linear, but circular; not just sending a message to be received, but producing
a response; not static, but dynamic.
• Rhetorical theorists provide an important addition to a communication model for business
Many people caught up in the accuracy forget third crucial variable, producing the desired response
form their audience.

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