What Is The Meaning Of Blog?


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Here is the meaning of 'Blog':

A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. On a regular basis.

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A blog is also known as Weblog. It is a personal online diary or you can say journal which allows you to share your thoughts and ideas , you can add video, games, pictures music, you can read comments visitor leave on your blog. you can do all these things without the need of any programming knowledge.

People who create blog known as blogger. If you go in past then first we had websites, email, and now blogs.

All these things reflect a trend that world is becoming more formal in communication.
Blog is a very cheapest medium on internet through which you can express your feelings and write according to your wish about any thing you like. At the same you can read news about computer, internet, sports, politics etc. It gives you freedom of writing articles where users can give opinions about your article and you can know your mistakes.
Specially those people who has no website but wants to give information to others about themselves, and want to share his/her opinion about others, so they can easily do this.

Some websites are given below where you can make blogs very easily and quickly.
www.wordpress.org (This is one of the best blog website)
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I still don't know why blog is called blog. From where it is derived?
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Thanks,for the information...now i know what is the meaning of blog..
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Journal writing is one aspect of life that needs to be retraced on a daily basis. For in the distant future if you need a recall from a particular past events you can retrace them by way of your journal recorded be it by way of weblog or a journal book. I love this aspect in journal recording personal or shared they are a great source of strenght and inspiration!....so keep blogging! Cheers!...
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A blog is known as web log more commonly. In simple words it can be described as a personal online dairy, the only difference is that it can be visited by everyone. And the people, who visit them or read them, leave their comments about the blog, usually how they liked the blog and what they think about it. People who write blogs are known as bloggers. The blogs are the basic means of communications, blog is the cheapest way on internet through which various emotions and feelings of oneself can be expressed. The blogger writing a personal blog can write what-so-ever he wants to, according to his own will.

On the other hand the blogs are also a useful method of getting various forms of information. The information can be of politics, sports, media, celebrities etc. the blogs are the most simple way of communication with other unknown people, one can share his thoughts and ideas about things, can give his opinion and advices to others , if required and give his point of view about others. Blog is a simple way of interacting specially for those who are not working for any particular website.
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Blog is the short form of weblog. It can be defined as a journal which is maintained online. A blog is regularly updated and modified. It is available for public viewing. A person who writes or maintains a blog is known as blogger and the activity is known as blogging. Several software is used to maintain blogs and update it regularly. Blog scripting is used to write on a blog.

It directly transfers the information to the website and then places it on a template for everyone to see. Thus blogs can also be described as a mini directory or a internet diary. Blogging is a very effective form of communication in the recent times. Blogging is an activity that is on rise nowadays and is used as a technique to exchange information on various issues and subjects like politics, art, culture, opinions, news etc.
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Such as diary to express and share the thoughts and idea in internet and can visited by everyone.
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Actually I am trying to earn money by internet. There I found a word Blog. So I wanted to know what is exactly Blog meaning. It was helpful. Thanks
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A blog gives you the freedom to express your views,write,paste and above do everthing.Bond with the world.How do ppl know bout the blog.How do you earn by a  blog.I mean v r not stars or guruS right.
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Blog full name of the Web log, in Chinese means "Web log ", later abbreviated to Blog. It is the second Email, BBS, I'm emerged after the fourth network communication is personal Internet age, "Reader's Digest" is a hyperlink as a weapon of online diary, represent a new way of life and new ways of working , But also represent a new way of learning. In short, Blog is to network as a carrier, easy quickly and easily publish their own experience, timely and effective to communicate easily with others, and then set a variety of customized display in one integrated platform.
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A blog in is a web platform that you can update regularly. Indeed a blog is just like a website, the only difference being that many websites used static html code that was not dynamic. However with blog sites like WordPress becoming widely prominent, the difference between a blog and a website is blurred. Blogs need to be updated regularly with content. You can get quality content written here http://www.iwriter.com  for your blog at an affordable fee. 

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I thought there is no need to explain what "blog" means today, anyways I am sure you got enough relevant answers.

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The word 'Blog' is actually a shortened version of the word 'Weblog'. A weblog essentially means a web-based log of activities carried out by a person. The term 'log' is commonly used in computers to note the commands and actions performed by a program.

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