What Is The Difference Between An Avenue And A Street?


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The avenue and the street both are related to roads, one is about small and other is about big main point.The street is a small road which is made between two rows of houses. Let us suppose that there is colony in which there are many home. There will be a first row of homes and after that there will be some space left for the passing of cars or people.

First row of homes will be face towards this empty place called street, and there will be opening gates of homes. And then after this street there will be another row of homes which will also be face towards this street. So here street is a small area or road or way from which people passes and used for general purpose.

While on the other hand the avenue is bag road or a point on which traffic came from many sides and cross to different directions via passing from this point. As simple as that avenue the big roads, for the use of general traffic for general people. There are not any homes around the avenue, it's the roads for so much traffics. And there width is 3 or 4 times more than the streets.
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An avenue is not more than a place where people collects while a street is open to all.

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I have no idea what it would be but I am asking you guys because it is a bounce question for my s.s class

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