What Is The Full Form Of PhD?


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The full form of PhD is Doctor of Philosophy. This is the name of the most advanced type of degree that can be studied and rewarded at a university. In order for an individual to gain a PhD qualification, they must commit to quite a few years of academic study and possible research. They must also have already completed a degree, a master’s and then two or three years of study. Within this time they may have to submit a thesis on a particular area of personal research. After they have completed these stages, they will have gained a PhD and the title, Doctor.

Although holders of a PhD are called ‘doctors’ this should not be confused with a doctor in the medical sense. This simply means that these individuals have engaged in enough research and academic learning in a particular field, that they can be considered an expert in their field.

Doctors of Philosophy may go on to become university lecturers or even use their knowledge and expertise to go into research. Some PhD holders may go on to publish books about their areas of expertise to inspire students who are studying the subject at university for example.

A PhD can be studied in a number of different subject areas too from humanities to the scientific subjects.
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Doctor of philosophy!
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Full form of phd
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Philosophy of doctor
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  • Ph.D.: A doctorate usually based on at least 3 years graduate study
    and a dissertation; the highest degree awarded graduate study
  • Doctor
    of Philosophy, abbreviated PhD, for the Latin philosophiæ doctor,
    meaning "teacher of philosophy", is an advanced academic degree awarded
    by universities. ...
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The degree of doctor of philosophy, a higher degree than an honour's or master's degree, involving at least two and a half years of supervised research resulting in a thesis.

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