What Does The Lion Symbolise On A Coat Of Arms?


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The use of the lion in heraldry is symbolic of power and is used all over the world in coats of arms.

The lion represents royalty, majesty, power, strength, bravery, courage, ferocity, and valour.

The lion has been , historically , regarded as the King of the Animal world and humans have adopted the attributes of the animal to symbolise power and royalty.
It is interesting that many European countries have adopted this non-native animal for their coats of arms. Some examples from Europe can be seen;monarchs of England originally had a single lion standing on hind legs. As they appear now they have glues three lions rampant guardantor and this dates back to 1198.

The lion is very common in heraldry and can be seen on the coats of arms for countries as diverse in culture as Bulgaria,Luxembourg, Finland, Norway, England, Scotland, India and Sri Lanka.

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