How Can I Find A Persons Address In Amsterdam?


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Seth Simmons answered

In most of the country these kind of resources are available to find people, and it is used for different purpose and people using these resources as per their needs.

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Arjun Mitra answered
  This is a very easy job. It is almost as easy as finding someone's address in your own city with the help of the internet. If you are looking for someone's address in Amsterdam all you have to do is go over to a website that works as a telephone directory of the Netherlands and search for that person's information there. You could go to and

  These websites are in Dutch but you could use you language or page translator of you internet explorer or Netscape navigator and translate it to English. They don't have advertisements popping up on your screen even so you will be able to do your work comfortably.

  You could get this information even if you get your hands on an Amsterdam telephone directory booklet but that isn't easily available in the UK.

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