What Is JPP? Please Tell Me About JPP Session Agenda?


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JPP stands for Joint Project Planning Sessions. This is the group process for generating the Project Overview Statement and Detailed Project. Duration of this group activity is 1 to 3 days. JPP session agenda consist of different activities. First of all write down the conditions of satisfaction and Project Overview Statement (POS). After this activity create Work Break down Structure (WBS) according to Project Overview Statement and then critique the WBS. Estimate activity duration, their procedures and resources. Construct the Project Network Diagram and determine the Critical path.

Revise and approve the project completion date from team members and customer. After approving the date schedule the project and resources need for this project and at the end gain consensus on the project plan. After JPP session Project Overview Statement (OS)k Break down Structure (WBS), Activity Duration Estimates, Resources requirement and in the last Project Network Diagram is delivered to the project manager for further proceedings. Different people involves in this activity. Facilitator, Technographer, Core Project Team, Client Representative, Resource Manager are the attendees of JPP session. Facilitator may be a Project Manager or consultant. Technographer is responsible for recording the plans using PM toll.

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