What Is The Basic Definition Of Elements?


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According to the English chemist Robert Boyle who lived during the seventeenth century and gave the first fundamental comprehension of an element. In the words of Robert Boyle, 'an element is something that could not be broken into simpler substances'.

Generally as it is considered in the scientific arena, the total number of existent elements equals 100 basic substances. The main ones are namely iron, gold, carbon, oxygen, mercury, nitrogen and radium. Some of the elements are natural and some of them are artificially created.

All those substances which could be broken down into several components could not be classified in the category of elements. For example, water, which could broken up into the hydrogen and oxygen ions or salt that could be decomposed into sodium and chlorine are two such substances that could not be categorized as elements, because of their inevitable tendency to decompose into much simpler substances

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