Is Forgiveness A Virtue?


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First of all we should know what the meaning of virtue is and how can we define it. We should also know the opposite of virtue which is evil. Because everything is judged by its opposite. We can define virtue as some action, deed, act, activity which will satisfy your inner person and after doing some act you would feel no regret for it. And if the thing comes in the perception of people in general such that they would not criticize you. And if you try to recognize its opposite then we can simply define it by an action, thing, deed , activity, operation or performance that will linger in your mind and it will be disliked by people.

The above paragraph should make clear that forgiveness is indeed a great virtue. And you may also be familiar with the famous English proverb that "to err is human, to forgive divine." Hence forgiving someone is not only a virtue but it's one of the greatest virtues of all time.

Considering the history of the world, you would find that world's greatest leaders were those who forgave the fault of their enemies and foes. In our different societies and cultures, the most beloved persons are those who are the most forgiving. It is also an attribute of Almighty God. And it is the thing which has been shown by the prophets. So you must be sure about it that forgiveness is a great virtue. And we should practice it in our daily life. As it makes us great and produces tolerance in our personality.
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Yes it is a virtue. Forgiving means you are giving the other person a chance to change himself.
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Yes forgiveness a virtue in fact forgiveness is a healing passage for both body and soul. Yet, even if you know in your mind that you desire or need to forgive someone, the path toward peace can be complex.

Forgiveness a virtue in all religions of the world like in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism…the religions teachings of each religion force the believers to forgive enemies and encourage them to be kind, patient and peaceful.

Forgiveness may be considered basically in terms of the one who forgives, in terms of the one forgiven and/or in terms of the connection between the forgiver and the person forgiven.

The majority of the world religions include teachings on the nature of forgiveness, and many of these teachings provide a fundamental basis for many varying recent day traditions and applications of forgiveness. However, all through the ages, philosophers have studied forgiveness separately from religion. In addition to this, science is starting to question religious concepts of forgiveness as in other areas of human inquiry. Psychology, sociology and medicine are the scientific disciplines researching forgiveness or the various features and aspects of forgiveness.

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