What Do You Call A Person Who Is Only After Money?


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You can call such an individual a gold digger. This term usually refers to a woman who marries a man not so much for love, but mainly because of his money. The term "gold digger" used as a noun, is more commonly seen in informal colloquial language, rather than in formal texts.

Other words used to describe someone who is only after money and material wealth may include "philanderer," usually used to describe men who become involved with many women not so much for love, but for any number of other reasons, a "user," a "gigolo," which is closest to a male equivalent of "gold digger," or an "exploiter." You can also call such an individual a "self-seeker," an "opportunist," a "hog," especially in slang, as well as a "timeserver," a "carpetbagger," and a "bottom feeder."

As you can see, the beautiful thing about the English language is that it is so rich in words and expressions.
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A Scrooge is one among many.
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Money hungry or gold digger

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