What Are Basis And Aims Of Classification?


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what are the two main aim of classfication

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Classification is the process of slotting all the existing life forms into easily identifiable groups and subgroups based on certain shared characteristics, features, and behavioral patterns. The basis for classification was the recognition that large numbers of existing life forms, both plant and animal, had shared traits and characteristics. Scientists realized that it was necessary to classify all these existing identified life forms into groups and sub-groups, so that the process of studying them could become easier, less time-consuming, and less cumbersome.

Though the 18th century A.D. is credited to be the time when most classification happened, with Carolus Linnaeus being considered the father of taxonomy, actual classification began way back in the time of Aristotle. By the time Linnaeus made his classification chart, he had identified over 18,000 plant species, many of them sharing similar characteristics. The need to isolate different plants into groups and subsequent sub-groups based on shared traits and characteristic features formed the basis and aim of classification.

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