How You Can Define Distribution Of Industrial Goods?


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The industrial goods can be distributed through these channels:

Producer Industrial User:
In this channel the producer directly deals with the users. The customers are few in number. The producer feels easy to meet the customers and know liking and disliking. Manufacturers of large installations such as railway engines, generators, tube wells, etc. usually sell directly to users.

Producer Industrial Distributor User:
The manufacturers can contract the distributor for sale of goods to the users. Producers of operating supplies and small accessory equipment frequently use industrial distributors to reach the user. Manufacturers of building materials, construction equipment and air conditioning equipment use the industrial distributor to sell the goods to the users.

Producer Agent User:
The producers can contract the agent for sale of goods to the users. The manufacturers only concentrate on production and the marketing work is assigned to the agent. A company, which wants to introduce a new product, may prefer to use agents rather thane its own sales force.

Producer Agent Industrial Distributor User:
The manufacturers can engage agents and industrial distributors for the sale of industrial articles to the users. In this channel the manufacturers contract with agent to sell goods. The distributors locate the users to sell goods. There are two middlemen involved in it.

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