How Do I Write A Character Reference Letter For A Friend For Immigration Purposes?


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In order to immigrate to the United States, the person looking to come into the country must submit a written character reference to prove that this person is of value to the country. The following steps should help someone looking to write a character reference letter.

  • Make sure the letter is in a business format
Not only does it make the letter look professional, it is important that the layout is correct so that the letter reaches its intended audience.

  • Keep it formal
Be sure to start off your letter with the correct form of address (eg. Dear Sir or Madam).

  • State your relationship with you person who is applying
Take some time to address just how you know the person you are writing the reference for. Here you should look to write how long you have known this person and why you believe they should be considered for immigration.

  • Be specific with your character references
Of course, if someone is writing for their friend they are bound to want to write all the nice things they possibly can. However, the key to writing a good character reference is to have solid evidence to back up your claims. So for example, you may wish to mention how your friend is very caring and giving and illustrate this point by highlighting how they have done a lot of charity work and volunteering in their spare time.

  • Be polite and courteous
Sign off the character reference in a polite manner. You could even leave contact details in case the reader would like any more information.

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