How Are Breeze Blocks Manufactured?


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Breeze block is a building block made of concrete with cinder aggregate. It is also called cinder blocks, clinker blocks, concrete blocks in the UK. These blocks are mainly made of cement and some amounts of aggregate forms of concrete consisting of sand as well as fine gravel. They are rectangular in shape which consists of two square blocks joined side by side. The holes in the concrete blocks allow the passage of rebar and concrete vertically. These blocks, when used together with columns of concrete and other materials like tie beams, have become a common material in building walls.

These blocks do not break easily and they also have an ability to hold the building with great durability; these blocks have been used widely all over the world. Buildings made from these concrete blocks are also known to resist to some extent during natural disasters.
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Breeze blocks are fairly brittle and are rarely used exterior to buildings. They are mainly used as an interior wall foundation due to there hardiness and insulating qualities.

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