What Does I Love You Like A Sister Mean?


6 Answers

Noe Flores Profile
Noe Flores answered
Like they said they will never look at you like a person that they will love like a boyfriend or girlfriend they love you like a sister witch is very different as in I love you like you and the other person in a realationship thats all I can tell you.
cassandra billet Profile
It means that they look at more then just a friend they look at you as if you were their sister
micah johnson Profile
micah johnson answered
Well here in lakeland it means that you would do anything for that person but you would never look at them like a lover or less then family
Chasity S Profile
Chasity S answered
When they say that it means that they don't look at you in a sexual way. They love like a brother loves his sister. They don't see as a g/f or anything like that
Wesley Profile
Wesley answered
That means that he doesnt love you as a girl ( woman ) . He just likes you as a friend .

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