What Does Wearing A White Wedding Dress Mean?


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It means purity,to love loyal and steadfast. And the first marriage.
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Means you're pure. Before spending all that money and all your guests money make sure you're going to stay with this person for the rest of your life no matter what life throws at you. People today think marriage is a joke and don't know what commitment is. People come up with all kinds of lame excuses to get out of a marriage and its destroying the traditions. Once married, that is your man or woman for eternity and if you don't have the gutts to take on such a thing don't get married.
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White series -- still classic

White is a kind of extremely shallow natural, environmental protection and peace, is advocate natural, gentle quiet model bride color of choice. However, white wedding gown is not drab monochromatic, pure white and the elapse that suckles white can be divided into two kinds, among them pure white namely white, divided again pale ivory, deep ivory color, and that suckles white namely champagne, and points shallow champagne, deep champagne. Choose this one theme of marriage gauze, can on compose pink silk flowers, butterflies, in order to add color.
Green series - relieve body and mind

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