What Does Green, Yellow And Blue With White Stars Mean On The Brazilian Flag?


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The colours green and yellow in the Brazil flag represent the country's natural richness. Green symbolize the exuberant forests of the Amazon forest area, the Atlantic Jungle, and the Pantanal, while the yellow rhombus stand for the country's gold reserves. Brazil formerly had the largest gold mines in the world. During the 1500 to 1900, more gold was hauled out from Brazilian territory than ever before from any of the mines in the world.

The modern republican flag is depicted by a blue circle, which represents the sky over Rio de Janeiro on the morning of November 15, 1889 the day the Republic of Brazil was declared.

The flag of Brazil hold 27 stars each of the stars signify a different state and the Federal District. The number of stars changes with the making of new states.

The constellation of the Southern Cross is located on the meridian which is indicated by the number 6 and to the south of it is Polaris Australis which represent the Federal District. The star of Pará is on top.
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The stars represent the 26 states and the federal district. The yellow colour represents the countries coal the green represents its forest.

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