What Time Does It Get Dark Today?


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It's going to start getting dark at 7.33

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Really that depends on where you live,but it usually starts to get dark around 5-6 pm.
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It totally depends on what country you hail from. Different countries and different cities experience darkness at different times. Darkness also depends upon the kind of weather and climate the country is experiencing. During the summers, the darkness falls a little late in the evening while during winters the darkness falls early. Usually, the sun completely sets after seven in the evening. During that time the sun has completely set and the moon rises. The procedure of the sun setting usually starts around at five in the evening and it completely sets in about two hours. If you are residing on the east coast of USA, you shall experience sunset by 6:30 P.M.
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In corpus christi texas
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Well, its like 4:40PM now and its already quite dark. So by 6:00PM it will probably be like night time darkness!

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