What Is The Name Of Edward And Alphonse Elric's Home Town?


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The home town where Edward & Alphonse Elric hail from would be the village of Resembool situated in the country of Amestris. Amestris is the name given to the nation-state serving as the primary locale of Fullmetal Alchemist which is the popular anime and manga series. It is seen to be both culturally and technologically parallel to World War I Europe.

This Sci-fi manga has its backdrop as the early 20th century where it unfolds in Amestris, deemed an alternate-historical Earth possessing technology dating right from around early 20th century Europe.

It is the Philosopher's Stone that they seek. This is because when attempting human alchemy (which implies a forbidden science), Edward loses his left leg while and Alphonse's loses his whole body. Edward makes a sacrifice of his right arm so as to take back Alphonses soul, binding it to a suit of armour.

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